Living Spring Gardens Screen Saver

Living Spring Gardens Screen Saver 1.0

Living Spring Gardens Screen Saver brings a beautiful garden to your desktop
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Isn’t spring maybe the most beautiful season of the year?
Spring is a combination of many things. We say good-bye to the cold winter, probably with snow and everything, we start getting more and more sun, flowers start to bloom, birds fly everywhere.
Wouldn’t you like to be in spring all year long?

Living Spring Gardens Screen Saver brings a beautiful garden during this great season to your desktop.

This beautiful and very relaxing screen saver will transport you to a lovely garden in what looks like a very antique house.
You will see the different flowerbeds with flowers of many colors.
The walls of the garden are very pretty with that feeling of “old but wise”. I wonder what they have seen?
And, how do you know it is spring?
Everything around you says so!

You will be able to see the clear blue sky and all the green trees around the garden.
The array of the flowers in separate places gives the scene a touch of color that leaves you no doubt it is spring.
And furthermore, you will listen and see many living things around the place.
From one end of the garden, a small squirrels hurries by. At the distance, a flock of birds singing. Then butterflies. And more birds.

Living Spring Garden Screen Saver is a complete array of sight ad sound that will really help you to relax and forget about the daily troubles.
You will surely want to spend a long time enjoying spring in your own garden.

Fernando Soni
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